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Q & A

Here are some frequently asked questions:

When will I be able to sign up for a SpaceLander's account?

You will get your early access account late 2020.

What is

An innovative solution to the problem of managing product inventors across multiple platforms. It allows users to create a listing on the fly, all from one place.

How do I create a product listing?

Products are created from the "Product" tab on the left panel, then issued or listed from the "Listings" Tab. See this article on product creation.

What is the Talus Used for?

Talus looks for products of a similar nature, and auto-adjusts the price, as well as spots market trends and notifies you about those trends.

How do connect my website to

SpaceLander's API is still under development until 2021. SpaceLander's wordpress plugin, also coming 2021, will allow you to mange your woocommerce and inventory.

How does Talus work?

Talus uses an innovative neural network algorithm trained to recognize price trends and auto adjust your prices.