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Full Stack Dev | Laravel | PHP | Vue

We are looking for a sound PHP/Laravel developer with 3-7 years experience with the following skill set- #Front-End
1. Web fundamentals like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and BOOTSTRAP.
2. CSS preprocessors Sass knowledge.
3. JavaScript framework ReactJS/Vue. Js experience
4. build tools like Grunt, Gulp, and Bower with Node.js
5. Libraries like jQuery or Backbone.js

1. API design and development
2. RESTful Services
3. Server-side languages like PHP

#Database Design
1. MySQL and/or MongoDB design, implementation expertise

#Framework Knowledge
Core PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter

Job Type: Full-time

Machine Learning | Deep Learning


Design, implement and evaluate models and software prototypes
Create and improve deep learning architectures and corresponding software stack (visualization, neural network infrastructure)
Engage in team collaboration to meet joint research goals
Minimum qualifications:

At least 4 years of experience in Deep Learning
Ability to write clean and well documented Python code
Proven track record of solving challenging engineering problems
Preferred qualifications:

Experience in Python and computing libraries such as CUDA/Tensorflow/Pytorch
Excitement for deep learning technology
Knowledge of Linux/Ubuntu and automation tools